Challenges of being a food blogger in university

#foodblogger #university #degree Looking back at when I started Pinch of Chel, I remember that I had no plan, I was just going along with the flow. All I knew was that I wanted to blog about food so that's what I did. I thought food blogging involved me just cooking food, snapping pictures and… Continue reading Challenges of being a food blogger in university


Chocolate Spaghetti

#chocolatespaghetti #foodcombinations I have had cravings for this meal since I saw a viral twitter post. From THIS POST, you would have guessed by now what my mumu button is - FOOD COMBINATIONS. Finally, I got around to satisfying my cravings by making this meal and coupled with this cold weather, it just added the… Continue reading Chocolate Spaghetti



#foodart #foodchallenge Hey guys! How is your week going? From the title, you have probably guessed what this post is about- FUFU. For my Non-African readers, fufu is a traditional African dish made from cassava and it is eaten with soup. I do not plan on writing about the history of fufu or the process… Continue reading FOOD ART WITH FUFU

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Review: R&S Vanilla Custard

Happy new month everyone. We have 7 months before 2019, the way time runs swiftly these days. It feels like just yesterday when we were all shouting Happy New Year. This new month has me feeling a lot of things and Gratefulness is one of those feelings . I'm grateful to God for His endless… Continue reading Review: R&S Vanilla Custard


5 Food Blogs Every University Student Should Follow

Nigerian universities are tedious, Whew😩. Where to start from!? There is the fixed deadlines for assignments , crazy long course outlines and several other factors. This makes it hard for students to have three course meals and necessary balanced meals are usually substituted with junks( Check HERE for list of some junk food). Take note… Continue reading 5 Food Blogs Every University Student Should Follow