How To Parboil(Pre-cook) Rice The Nigerian Way.

Rice is by far the most consumed food in my house, it was therefore one of the first things I learnt how to prepare. I grew up to see my mom parboil her rice but it took me entering university hostel to actually practice it. The idea of cooking rice in water for 10 minutes… Continue reading How To Parboil(Pre-cook) Rice The Nigerian Way.

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6 African Food Novels That Will Keep You Hungry For More

Sometimes it is hard for me to decide which is more comforting-eating food or reading novels. I grew up as lover of books. I was 'that child' who when asked what she wanted for a birthday gift, always chose a book. My love for food came later during my teen years maybe because my mom… Continue reading 6 African Food Novels That Will Keep You Hungry For More


Baked Potatoe Recipe

Happy new month guys! Today's recipe is the easiest and fastest recipe you could find. When you have an oven, you're good to go. Ingredients PotatoesMaple syrupSalt to tasteVegetable oilPepper to taste Methods Peel your potatoes and cut into your desirable size.Season with salt and pepperCoat the potatoes with a little vegetable oil.Grease your oven… Continue reading Baked Potatoe Recipe


Potatoe porridge recipe

Today's post is about doing things I have not tried before. I hardly try out new recipes but when it comes to weird food combinations you've got me. I am very good at sticking with the meals I learnt from my mum. That's about to change now. When my mum heard what I was preparing,… Continue reading Potatoe porridge recipe